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We're proud to introduce our new TruSteam range hood packed with innovative technology and unmatched features. TruSteam effortlessly cleans the hood interior by spraying 130℃ high-temperature steam onto the fan blades and interior housing followed by a hot water rinse. This process efficiently removes grease, germs and odors without using harsh chemicals or scrubbing. In addition, our newly developed Whisper-Quiet motor increases performance while operating at nearly inaudible levels on working speed.


* 130°C (260°F) High-Temperature Auto Steam Cleaning
* Sophisticated Design
* Deep concave bottom design for improved capture
* High-Tech Touch Control
* High Power LED Strip
* High-Capacity Housing Design


130℃(260℉) high-temperature steam is sprayed onto the fan blades and interior housing following by a hot water rinse. Stubborn grease and particles will be washed away and drained into the grease collector. With the advancement of TruSteam technology, cleanliness and improved hygiene is just a touch away.


The revolutionary Whisper-Quiet motor, invented by Pacific, is the quietest motor in the industry. While on working speed, Pacific's TruSteam range hood operates at nearly inaudible levels which enhances your family’s cooking experience during dining time.


TruSteam's unique Whisper-Quiet motor paired with larger fan blades and high-capacity housing design offer optimal performance. Backed by industry-leading research, Trusteam is the most powerful among all Asian-branded hoods.


You can delay the shutoff after cooking, giving it time to eliminate the rest of the unwanted steam, smoke and cooking odor before shutting off automatically.


The specially designed centrifugal blower exhausts smoke to the outside while depositing the grease and residue in the residue cup. The filter-less design prevents grease build-up and reduces fire hazards.