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* Classic and Curve side design, great fit in all kitchen environments.
* In-side Oil collector to prevent grease leaking.
* Dual 35W halogen lamps provide ample lighting over the cooking surface.
* 3 speed knob switch controls.
* Dishwasher-safe Baffle filters for improved capture and grease filtration.


* 3 Speed Switch
* Halogen 35W x2
* Pro-style


The unique S-Shape Venting System with the turbine-blower generates powerful suction and optimal CFM. The new and improved arc-shape housing design in the hood efficiently controls air flows, minimizes air resistance and reduces the noise level.


The specially designed centrifugal blower exhausts smoke to the outside while depositing the grease and residue in the residue cup. The whole process takes place without the suction blocking filters that are also hard to clean. The filter-less design also prevents grease build-up and reduces fire hazards.