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Pacific's best selling model! Best-rated by consumers all these years, it is economical, durable, powerful suction with multiple functions, ultra quiet performance and 6-speed operation designed for all types of cooking. No.1 choice to make your kitchen clean and quiet!


The unique S-Shape Venting System with the turbine-blower generates powerful suction and optimal CFM.


You can delay the shutoff after cooking, giving it time to eliminate the rest of the unwanted steam, smoke and cooking odor before shutting off automatically.


Simply fill in the liquid cleaner and press the Auto Clean function key. The high-speed spinning blower blades then distribute the cleaner onto the internal housing of the hood, degreasing and flushing unwanted residues into an easy-to-clean residue cup.


The specially designed centrifugal blower exhausts smoke to the outside while depositing the grease and residue in the residue cup. The filter-less design prevents grease build-up and reduces fire hazards.